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Lawyer Ilaria Parisi

Avvocato Ilaria Parisi

Avvocato Ilaria Parisi


She enrolled in the faculty of Utroque Iure and graduated from the Ponitificia Lateran University, the University of the Pope. Reaching the degree with excellent grades. She obtained a doctorate in 2009 and in 2012 she acquire her qualification as a Rotale lawyer with the full publication of her thesis.

She currently heads the ANP Legal’s family division and deals with litigation before ecclesiastical jurisdictions and before the Holy Rota.

She has gained deep experience in the management of canonical litigation and managed to obtain, for example, a declaratory nullity of a marriage that lasted 35 years

CTO, Senior Software Engineer of Apple Co.
Senior Software Development, Project Manager, Cisco Network
Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Asus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Engineering


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